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Post-Tension or Rebar?
Rebar is the most used concrete reinforcement material in the world. It's high tensile strength combined with concretes compressive strength make it an ideal reinforcement material. While an excellent "passive" reinforcement, post-tension cable is an "active" reinforment that once stressed is constantly applying compression to the concrete.

Over the last 50 years post tension cable has become a popular alternative or companion to rebar in concrete reinforcement. Installed correctly post tension cables have proven to be stronger and more reliable in high stress situations while reducing overall materials and construction time. 

Whether you choose a post-tension or rebar slab Nortex has the experience and expertise to design a foundation suitable for all your construction and design needs. All Nortex designs are compliant with the latest PTI (Post Tensioning Institute), WRI (Wire reinforcement Institute), and BRAB standards. 
Foundation Moisture Maintenance
A residential slab-on-grade foundation is designed to float on the surface of the soil.  It will have minimal movement with normal soil moisture fluctuations but there are many unpredictable post-construction and climate related factors that can affect soil moisture content.  To minimize soil moisture fluctuations the following foundation moisture maintenance procedures are recommended. Please download at your conveniance. Thank you.
Foundation Design Services
  • Commercial/Residential
  • Post Tension Cable
  • Conventional Rebar
  • Suspended (Carton Forms)
  • Concrete Retaining walls
  • Placement (Shop) Drawings
All designs are compliant with the latest PTI, WRI, and ACI standards. 

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